Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens in the salt room?

Within the salt room, a salt halogenerator is used to churn salt chunks into dry microscopic aerosol of salt particles to be dispersed into the air. This method is more concentrated, producing maximum healing therapy. As the salt is inhaled, it moves throughout the sinuses and respiratory tract absorbing moisture, cleansing and clearing mucus, and eliminating bacteria. This is known as halotherapy (salt therapy).

What happens in the salt cave?

The water feature in the salt cave acts as a natural halogenerator and ionizer. As brine (salt water) is pumped at a slow steady pace, it evaporates, producing a saline vapor effect within the room. The water cascade creates a higher concentration of negative ions which is naturally found around flowing water and the ocean. This method (speleotherapy) is considered a passive therapy. A 45-minute salt cave session is like 4 days at the ocean.

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What is Himalayan salt?

It contains 83 trace minerals and is holistic, wholesome, unaltered, and crystallized in the Earth over millions of years. Natural Himalayan salt is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, a mucolytic agent, and pathogen- and allergen-free.

What is the difference between table salt and Himalayan salt? 

Table salt is “chemically cleaned” through industrial processing, resulting in sodium chloride. Essential minerals and trace elements are removed as impurities. Sodium chloride is an unnatural, isolated and unwholesome substance having nothing in common with salt. Salt, once regarded as white gold, was converted into white poison.
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