Massage Treatments

Massage Treatments

Massage Spa Serving the Ellicottville NY Areas

If you’re looking to relax and unwind, Ellicottville Salt Cave Halotherapy Spa is the place to visit. Our highly trained and educated massage therapists offer various types of massages that are sure to make any individual feel rejuvenated.

What Our Massage Therapists Offer:

Halotherapy Massage

  • Includes the use of our salt room – which supports the immune and nervous systems in the body
  • Inhalation of the salt offers a variety of benefits to your blood flow, breathing, reduce physical ailments and more
  • Salt is a natural disinfectant that leaves our cave clean and our air pure
  • 45 min & inhalation / $80 | 60 min and inhalation / $105

Swedish Massage

  • Relaxes the entire body with gentle and calming movements
  • Main purpose is to relax and relieve pain from the body through increasing the oxygen flow through out body
  • Techniques used include the muscles and skin worked in long, gliding strokes in the same direction the blood travels back to the heart and a combination of tapping, stretching and bending
  • 45 min / $60 | 60 min / $75 | 90 min / $100 | Add $10 Deep Tissue

Warm Salt Stone Massage

  • Uses warmed stones applied to the body – the stones penetrate through the skin creating a therapeutic treatment
  • Heated stones treat the muscles deeper than traditional methods, and loosen the joints
  • Combination of warmth and salt stones rejuvenate the skin and leave it feeling clean and refreshed
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