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Visit Ellicottville’s finest spa and only salt cave. Stop in, take some time for yourself and catch your breath.

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Salt Therapy

Salt therapy is a great, all-natural way to treat a variety of modern ailments. Our salt cave can help clear up congestion caused by respiratory ailments, allergies, and colds. Salt therapy also bathes your body in negative ions. This helps reduce lethargy, depression, and stress caused by exposure to positive ions present in today's modern environment.

  • Salt Cave

    We imported over 20 tons of Himalayan salt and brought our builders in from Poland to create an authentic European style salt cave. Lounge in a gravity chair or relax on the salt cave floor. The healing powers of our Salt Cave are enhanced by our custom designed water feature which activates the speleotheraputic properties of the cave.

    Sessions in the Salt Cave last 45 minutes. The Salt Cave can hold up to 5 people at a time. Bookings in the Salt Cave are private to your group.

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Himalayan Salt Inhaler

Take the salt cave home with you!


Want to experience more than one of our services? We're sure one of our packages will fit the bill.

To schedule, please call us at 716-699-2068

  • Earth and Fire

    • 30 minute Infrared Sauna
    • 45 minute Salt Cave Session

    Price per person: $85

  • Earth and Water

    • Lemongrass Foot Scrub
    • 45 minute Salt Cave

    Price per person: $85

  • Warm the Sole

    • Salt Stone Foot Experience
    • 45 minute Salt Cave

    Price per person: $95

  • Earth and Sky

    • Lemongrass Foot Scrub
    • Organic Facial
    • 45 Minute Salt Cave Session

    Price per person: $165

  • Salt Life

    • 30 minute Infrared Sauna
    • 45 minute Salt Stone Massage
    • 45 minute Salt Cave session

    Price per person: $175

  • Relax and Glow

    • Full Body Salt Glow
    • 45 Minute Salt Cave Session

    Price per person: $125

  • Spa Party Package

    • 45 minute Salt Cave Session
    • Choice of: upper body massage or upper body glow
    • Lemongrass foot scrub
      Call 716-699-2068 to make your appointment.
      Minimum of 4 People

    Price per person: $150

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Add a salt lamp to offset those positive ions around your electronics. Treat yourself to relaxing bath salts or candle. Up your cooking game with salt block and cookbook. Shop online or stop by the spa to purchase any of our salt based home treatments today.

Spa Benefits

We designed our services to provide treatment, relief, and prevention for a variety of symptoms and disorders. Be sure to discuss anything that's bothering you and we'll do our best to tailor your treatment to bring you balance.

Boost Your Immune System

From allergies in the spring and summer to colds in the fall and winter, we've got you covered with a variety of treatments to keep your immune system in tip-top shape.

Ease Joint and Muscle Pain

Feeling sore, stiff, or out of place? Stop in today to get loose, relaxed, and aligned.

Respiratory Relief

We offer a variety of services to treat asthma, congestion, and colds. Step in and catch your breath.

Set Your Mind at Ease

Invest in some self care and take some time for yourself. We'll help you turn off your notifications and get centered.

Smoother, Healthier Skin

You're glowing inside, we know it. Let's let the world see it too.

Therapy by the Senses

Relax while you experience an array of therapeutic treatments targeting your senses including chromatherapy, aromatherapy, and music therapy.

I get so many ooo's and aah's about my wonderful salt blocks from visitors to my home.

- Cecelia

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